Sunday, August 20, 2006

Struggling with this Month's Topic

I recently joined a digital photo club down here in San Miguel de Allende, having only attended one previous meeting. During these meetings, there is discussion on photography and using digital photography tools, such as Photoshop. Then there is a portion of the meeting for sharing of photos based upon a suggested topic, the first was People of San Miguel and this month's topic is Food in San Miguel. Finally the meeting convenes for a social hour of appetizers and beverages.

I would classify the group as a social photography group, rather than one focused on evaluating and critiquing photos, but it is a good group with a lot of fun and interesting people.

However, my dilemma today is that I am having a very hard time in selecting some of my photos that I believe are good examples of my techniques that fit within the topic that we are to be presenting. Being married to a trained chef we don't go out to restaurants very often so I have few photos of restaurants and food presentation at restaurants. Thus the best that I can do is to present some images of the local tiendas and tianguis that I have taken while wondering around San Miguel.

So tell me are these worthy of sharing at the upcoming meeting or should I try harder to find something more interesting and a better representation of my work?

Here is what I am looking to present at this meeting of the group.

Beef and more beef Jo Ann on your daily shopping trip Pig Skins Fried Pork Skins Squash Blossoms Chilis and more chilis At the weekly vegetable market Waiting for my juice Our Favorite Ice Cream

Carnitas Tienda

Then there is one image that I really do like but it is not taken down here in San Miguel. This is a photo of Jo Ann working at the Gualala Farmers Market using my lens baby. I really enjoy this photo and am planning to use it even though it does not totally comply with the topic of the month.Jo Ann at the Gualala Farmers Market

So what do you think, try harder or are these good images to share that fit with the topic of Food in San Miguel?

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