Sunday, August 27, 2006

And Then the Heavens Opened

Yesterday we were sitting outside for comida and we commented to each other that it looked like we were going to get a little rain.  The previous day the skies looked ominous and the lightening and thunder were down right scary, but alas no rain.

However as we looked at this approaching storm, we thought maybe we would get some rain and so it would be good to get the burros back in their corral and close down all of the out buildings.  Well this storm moved much quicker than we thought and I was just finishing with the burros when the heavens opened.

The rain was not as hard as some that we have had previously but it was steady and a lot.  After about 30 minutes, I was out on the front poach in my rubber boots having to pump the rain water away from the house as it had flooded the entire front patio but was still a ways from entering the front door, thankfully.

Once the rains started to subside, I got my camera out and took a couple of images, here is one of the roads out of our rancho, as you can see it is fairly flooded, so without a four wheel drive, forget it.

The road out is flooded

I also looked down at one of the edges of our property that is a lot lower than the house and you can see the water just ponding where it normally will quickly soak into the ground.

Water ponding from the rain

After the storm and all the necessary clean up, Jo Ann and I were able to enjoy and nice evening outside, the skies were clear and the air smelled so fresh.

However during the evening we were hit with another major storm, it rained for another couple of hours and I had to get up from sleep to unplug all of my computer equipment as it was lightening and thundering again.

But in the morning I was given a major treat, the sun rise was absolutely magnificent.  As you can see from these three images the brilliant oranges contrasting the blue skies.  Absolutely wonderful.

A beautiful sun rise after the hard rain Another sun rise after the hard rain More sun rise after the hard rain

With my camera in hand, Jo Ann and I then headed off to look at the rancho and see if there was any damage from the storms.  Luckily there was not but there was a number of new and beautiful images.

First we found this wonderful tree that we had not noticed before with these beautiful yellow flowers bursting out this morning.

Flowers after the rain

Then we walked down to our arroyo which is always dry.  Well this morning it was anything but dry, as you can see the water falls were running rapidly.

Closer to the Water Fall

Then returning to our house we found these wonderful wild flowers that were just bursting this morning.

Mexican Wild Flowers

It was an amazing 24 hours, with the heavy rains and near flooding, followed by a stunning morning.  Mexico is such a wonderful place and provides ample opportunity to take some stunning photos.

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