Sunday, September 03, 2006

No Share the Road Signs Needed

Today was the longest ride that we took since my accident.  We headed out to Las Cañas and then went on some very old roads, more like burro trails.  We went almost 20 miles today so I think we are back in the saddle so to say.

While we were riding we came upon this road that looked just like some of the roads that we use to travel in California.

Where does this road go?

So what did we see:

2 pick-up trucks

1 car

2 wagons pulled by burros

3 shepherds watching over their flocks

Many beautiful trees, shrubs and plants

This wonderful looking old building that just made me ask when was it built and what happened to it?


How old is this building?

After shooting this image, I turned and looked at Jo Ann, it also made me ask, what was she looking at?

What is she looking at?

So we did not quite get to Rancho Nuevo (it is funny we live near Rancho Viejo, which means the old rancho, but we were trying to get to the new ranch).

While we were returning we came upon this family that was going to the circus in Terra Blanco and we stopped and talked with them for quite a while.  The families out here in the campo always seem so happy to stop and talk about anything.  We asked where the road went, where they were going, did they enjoy the circus, and more.  After some time we offered the children some candies that I always carry in my back pack and then one of the older girls said "Thank you" yes she new English but was happy to see that we could talk more than a little in Spanish.

One the ride back we did come across another shepard with a flock of goats.  This one just was so cute.

What's for dinner? 

Finally we came back to Terra Blanca and saw the circus that the family was riding to.  This circus has been moving around our little universe of happiness for the past month.  It must be a tough life, move week to week from one small town to another. 

Circus at Terra Blanca

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